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Zeta Books Collection

Scholarly Books and Series published by Zeta Books

Zeta Books is an international publishing house focused on quality scholarly content in the humanities. The Zeta Books Collection offers institutions flexible options for the acquisition and delivery of over 120 books and special issues published by Zeta Books through 2021. These titles include innovative, peer-reviewed texts in anthropology, history, philosophy, history of art, sociology, religious studies, and translation studies.

Purchase of this collection offers institutions significant savings when compared to single purchase of each title. The title list includes the usual purchase price per title to facilitate cost comparisons.

Access for Institutions

Institutions can purchase the collection in a single transaction or subscribe and acquire ownership after a 5-year term.

  • Purchase: $5,000 - With purchase of the Zeta Books Collection an institution can have PDFs of all volumes delivered for local hosting or have campus-wide online access provided on this site for a modest annual access fee. Online access is based on IP authentication. All text is fully searchable online and available in PDF format.

  • Annual Subscription: $1,400 per year (5-year limit) - A subscribing institution has online access to this collection, provided as above. After 5 years the institution acquires ownership of the collection, and may then have PDFs of all volumes delivered for local hosting.

The subscription rate will not change during the subscription term. If a subscription is cancelled before completon of a five year term the result is loss of access. However, the institution may still buy out of the remaining balance of a full term to complete the purchase. Continuing access is only available to institutions with full ownership.

Online access to the Zeta Books Collection is supported by the Philosophy Documentation Center for an unlimited number of authorized users at each subscribing institution. After purchase, online access can be maintained for each institution with an access fee of $200 per year. This fee does not increase.

This collection contains all available Zeta Books books, book series, and back issue collections published by Zeta Books through 2021. It does not include journals currently published by Zeta Books, back issues of these journals, or works with special formatting that cannot be rendered accurately online.

Annual Update Option

Institutions that purchase the Zeta Books Collection will have the option of additional annual purchase of Zeta Books titles published after 2021. These updates will be available in the following calendar year. For example, Zeta Books publications published in 2022 will be available as an additional option in 2023. Pricing for each update will vary based on the number of titles available.

For more information contact us by phone 800-444-2419 or 434-220-3300, by fax 434-220-3301; or by e-mail [email protected].