Cover of Smallest Mimes

Smallest Mimes

Defaced Representation and Media Epistemology

Paul Majkut

This book proposes an alternate theory of media evolution that accounts for the appearance of a new medium in the malpractice of older media. Smallest Mimes addresses complex issues of media transition, the inherent confusion of media definition by use of metaphor instead of phenomenological description, and the impact of individual media function and structure on both textual and imagistic content. Bringing together Majkut’s past speculations on media, Smallest Mimes interweaves a general theory of media, a theory of historical media change and transmission, and a theory of media genesis in technological adequacy/inadequacy.

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  • Paul T. Majkut is a Professor in the College of Letters and Sciences at National University in San Diego.

    · ISBN: 978-606-8266-50-3 (ebook) · Online access on this site · Published 2014 ·
    · ISBN: 978-606-8266-49-7 (paperback) · Print and eBook options available from Zeta Books ·

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