Cover of Translational Hermeneutics

Translational Hermeneutics

The First Symposium

Edited by Radegundis Stolze, John Stanley, and Larisa Cercel

This volume presents selected papers from the first symposium on Hermeneutics and Translation Studies held at Cologne in 2011. "Translational Hermeneutics" foregrounds hermeneutical philosophy and the traditions -- especially phenomenology -- to which it is indebted, in order to explore ways in which the individual person figures at the center of the mediating process of translation. It offers alternative ways to understand the process of translating: it is a holistic and strategic process that enhances understanding by assisting the transmission of meaning across multiple social and cultural contexts.

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  • The papers in this collection provide a preliminary outline of Translational Hermeneutics, and together they broach a new discipline within Translation Studies. While some essays examine the theoretical foundations of this approach, others concentrate on practical applications in diverse fields such as literary studies and postcolonial studies.

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