Cover of Paris Chic, Tehran Thrills

Paris Chic, Tehran Thrills

Aesthetic Bodies, Political Subjects

Alexandru Balasescu

In this fascinating and unique book, Alexandru Balasescu explores questions of Islamic dress, modernity and public space in Paris and Tehran. How are we to understand the exclusion of the Islamic dress from public space in France if, at the same time, trendy French women and wealthy Middle Eastern tourists shop for designer-label hijab, apparently accepting its conversion into a (depoliticited, deracinated) commodity? And how are we to understand the creation of "designer label" Islamic dress, when fashionable women recast the meanings and practices associated with veiling, understood by Western observers to be the mark of their subordination to a religious regime, into couture? This challenging book significantly complicates the question of Islamic dress in the modern world, and, indeed, questions hallowed categories of religion, secularism, and modernity itself.

· ISBN: 978-973-87980-2-1 (ebook) · Online access on this site · Published 2013 ·
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