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Usage Statistics

PDC offers institutions the latest COUNTER Release 5 (R5) standard usage statistics in a special statistics portal. The data available in this portal covers the period from December 2018 to the present. Your institution’s administrator will need instructions for access. More information is available here.

Preferred Browsers

PDC websites work best with the current versions of ChromeSafariFirefox, and Edge web browsers. Each browser is available for free download:

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If you encounter a problem with the functionality or appearance of our site please contact us at the address below. To diagnose and fix any problem we first need to duplicate it. To this quickly it will help if you can tell us what happened, which version of which browser you were using, and the URL of the page on which the problem occurred. Screen shots are particularly helpful.

Susanne Mueller-Grote
feedback [@]
Tel: 434-220-3300

Common Access Problems

Online access to publications on our site is provided to authorized users, subscribers, and members of professional organizations. We use IP authentication for institutions and username / password authentication for individuals.

The most common source of access problems is failure to renew a subscription or membership. If you are unable to access a publication the first step is to confirm that your subscription or membership is current.

If have confirmed that the subscription or membership is current, and are still unable to access a publication, please contact us at the address below.

Susanne Mueller-Grote
feedback [@]
Tel: 434-220-3300

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Help for Directory Editors

All listings in the International Directory of PhilosophyDirectory of American Philosophers, and International Directory of Philosophy and Philosophers can be updated online by authorized editors.

If you have a problem with editorial procedure or online access to listing please contact the research editor:

Beth Stombock
data [@]
Tel: 434-220-3300

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EZproxy Server Setup

NOTE: PDC secures its web site with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). An SSL Certificate must be added to the EZproxy server to access secure online content without errors or browser warnings.

Please review the SSL Certificate options here. EZproxy can use a free, self-signed certificate, but if institutions choose this option, patrons will get browser warnings when they access the secure content. Institutions can inform their patrons to click through this warning to get to the content, but the recommended solution is a Certificate Authority Issued Certificate that prevents these browser warnings.

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To set up remote access via EZproxy you must add the correct stanza to your EZproxy configuration. Configurations vary depending on which resources your institution has access to and how you want to connect. Sample configurations are provided below for these online resources.

EZproxy Configuration

Philosophy Documentation Center
Title Philosophy Documentation Center
Find var urlNeu=urlAlt.replace(/http:/, “https:”);
Replace var urlNeu=urlAlt.replace(/http:\/\/*?(\/.*)$/, “https://^^$1”);

EZproxy Starting Point URLs

Starting Point URL provides proxied access to an electronic resource that corresponds to a database stanza in the config.txt file. This URL consists of two parts, the proxy prefix and the target URL. The proxy prefix identifies your server and will always be the same. The target URL is the unique URL of the resource to which you are directing your users and providing proxied access. This URL must be configured correctly in your config.txt file for this starting point URL to work.


1. Connect to a list of Your Subscribed Titles on our site

Your Proxy Prefix + this Target URL:

2. Connect directly to a single title on our site

Your Proxy Prefix + this Target URL: of title

You can easily find the abbreviation of any publication on our site to set up the connection. For example, go to our alphabetical title list:

Click on

The part of the URL after the “=” sign is the abbreviation of the title. In this case it is “acorn”. The rest of the URL remains the same for each title.

3. Connect to the International Directory of Philosophy

Your Proxy Prefix + this Target URL:

More information on EZproxy Starting Point URLs is available from OCLC.

Web Access Management (WAM) Proxy Server Setup

Institutions that subscribe to online resources on our site can provide remote access for their users via proxy server. To set up remote access via WAM (web access management) please add the following to your forwarding table:

*.pdcnet.orgFor more information contact Susanne Mueller-Grote at feedback [@]