Special Collections

World Congress of Philosophy Collection

The World Congress of Philosophy is a global meeting of philosophers and a significant cultural event. First organized in 1900, these meetings have been held under the auspices of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) since 1948. This special collection contains all of the Proceedings volumes published after these events since 1900. It includes over 250 volumes in many languages and formats, as well as relevant documents from some of these meetings. More information…

Zeta Books Collection

Zeta Books is an international publishing house focused on quality scholarly content in the humanities. The Zeta Books Collection contains 120 books and special issues published by Zeta Books through 2021. These titles include innovative, peer-reviewed texts in anthropology, history, philosophy, history of art, sociology, religious studies, and translation studies. This special collection offers institutions flexible options for online access and acquisition. More information….

PhilPapers with Full Text

PhilPapers is the premier bibliographic research tool in philosophy, with over 2.6 million entries This essential resource is maintained and operated by the Center for Digital Philosophy and the Philosophy Documentation Center. We are partners in the ongoing effort to build and maintain the most complete philosophy index in the world. This special collection offers institutions that that subscribe to PhilPapers full text access to over 100 journals, series, and conference proceedings. Libraries can use online access with PhilPapers with Full Text to replace print or online subscriptions to these titles, at a special rate available only with PhilPapers. More information….

PDC E-Collection

Philosophy Documentation Center’s E-Collection provides online access to over 240 scholarly journals, book series, conference proceedings, and other publications in the humanities and social sciences. Coverage of most titles is complete – all issues, all volumes. We offer a range of access options, and special access arrangements can be made with professional organizations for member access to bundles or single titles. Text is displayed in PDF or HTML formats, and all text is fully searchable. New titles and back issue collections are added each year. More information…. 

International Directory of Philosophy

This online database provides edited listings for thousands of university philosophy departments, journals, research centers, publishers, and membership organizations in over 130 countries. It contains contact information for more than 35,000 professional philosophers world-wide. It provides an extensive international overview of on-going philosophical activity.

Access is provided by subscription to individuals or institutions. Income from subscriptions supports continuing updates and research. Non-subscribers and site visitors can “sneak a peak” at the directory’s content to test its functionality. All listings are free and can be updated online by authorized editors. More info…