2014 Annual Meeting – Semiotic Society of America

Seattle, Washington – October 2-5, 2014


To attend the conference you must be registered, and all presenters must also be members of the Society. The conference proper begins on Thursday, October 2, at noon with a luncheon and opening ceremonies. Please note that this lunch is included in the conference registration fee for all participants. To attend the remaining meals with speakers, participants must purchase the meal package.

More information and a preliminary conference program are available at the Semiotic Society of America website.

  • Pre-Registration is closed: Registration after Monday, September 22, 2014 must be done onsite at the conference.

    Westin Seattle Hotel
    1900 Fifth Avenue
    Seattle, Washington 98101

  • Pre-Conference Workshop: Thursday, October 2 (9:00-11:45am)
    The workshops will be conducted using Open Space Technology beginning at 9:00am. Please arrive at the hotel by 8:00 for registration. More information is available in the conference program at the SSA website.
  • Post-Conference Tour: Sunday, October 5 – includes lunch (11:30am – 3:30pm)
    Tillicum Village, Blake Island (the legendary birthplace of Chief Seattle). Tour includes Argosy Cruise transportation, traditional baked salmon lunch, and Native American performance.

  • Membership: All presenters need to be current members of the Association.
  • Cancellation Policy: No registration fees will be refunded for cancellations after September 22, 2014.
REGISTRATION Through August 21 August 22-Sept 22 After Sept 22
Individual: $150 $175 onsite – $200
Student: $70 $85 onsite – $95

Optional Activities
Pre-Conference Open Space Session:
– Thursday, October 2, 2014

$30 – Workshop
Post Conference Cruise / Lunch
Cruise to Tillicum Village, Blake Island
Native American Performance
Traditional baked Salmon lunch:
– Sunday, October 5, 2014

$95 – Cruise, performance and lunch

MEAL PACKAGE* Through August 21 August 22-Sept 22 After Sept 22
Regular Meal Option $100 $125 onsite – $150
Vegetarian Meal Option $100 $125 onsite – $150
Special Dietary Needs / Allergies $100 $125 onsite – $150

*Includes all meals listed below with special presentations by Keynote Speakers, plus Welcome reception, snacks and beverages

  • Thursday – Lunch and Opening Ceremony with speakers, Robert Hatten, Beethoven, Sonata Form, and Paradox
    and Michael Shapiro, Paradox: Word, Symbol, Concept (included in registration price for all attendees)
  • Thursday – Reception with Hosted Bar
  • Friday – Breakfast with Plenary speaker, Marcel Danesi, The Paradox of Leadership
  • Friday – Lunch with Plenary speaker, Alexander Laszlo, The Paradox of Systems Being: Four Levels of Self-Identity in One
  • Friday – Dinner Banquet and Sebeok Fellow Award, Paul Cobley, Enhancing Survival by not Enhancing Survival: Sebeok’s Semiotics and the Ultimate Paradox of Modeling
  • Saturday – Breakfast with Plenary speaker, Soren Brier, Can Cybersemiotics Solve the Paradox of Transdisciplinary Knowing?
  • Saturday – Lunch with Presidential address, Elliot Gaines, Everyday Semiotics: The Paradox of a Universal Discipline
  • Sunday – Breakfast with Closing Events
Membership Dues** US ONLY
Individual $50 Print
$80 Print + Online access
Student $30 Print
$60 Print + Online access
Non-Us prices include $10 shipping NON-US
Individual $60 Print
$90 Print + Online Access
Student $40 Print
$70 Print + Online access

**2014 Membership includes a print subscription to The American Journal of Semiotics, Volume 30.
For an additional charge, members may add online access to:

  • All issues of the journal (Vol 1 – present)
  • Bulletin of Literary Semiotics (Issues 2-3)
  • Semiotic Scene: Bulletin of the Semiotic Society of America (Volumes 1-4)
  • Semiotics: Proceedings of the Semiotic Society of America (1980-2011)

For more information contact us at 800-444-2419; 434-220-3300, or by e-mail at order [@] pdcnet.org.