Marketing Services

Customized Plans to Meet Your Needs

The Philosophy Documentation Center offers a variety of marketing services in support of publications, professional organizations, and scholarly research. We can help you make your journal, organization, or event more visible or widely known, using a unique combination of resources.

What We Provide

  • 2024 E-Collection Catalog 
  • Social media support (e.g. FacebookYouTube)
  • Expansion of indexing, linking, and Wikipedia coverage
  • Bundled distribution of electronic resources
  • RSS feeds and email updates for new content
  • Free full-text search and page preview of all documents
  • Secure full-text indexing by Google and other search engines
  • Coverage in EBSCO, ProQuest, and OCLC discovery services
  • Metadata distribution to specialized sites such as J-Gate and PhilPapers
  • Online ad campaigns (e.g. blog ads, Facebook and Google options, URL registrations)
  • Customized permission terms for online access to your material
  • Customized planning to connect your web site with our content with a single login
  • Targeted mailings based on subject or membership information
  • Superior graphic design for covers, Facebook pages, flyers
  • Translation of announcements into English, German, French, and other languages
  • Conference exhibits, presentations, demonstrations
  • Over 10,000+ institutional and individual customers world-wide

Our marketing work is supported by international sales representatives and subscription agents, as well as representatives in particular countries or territories around the world. Our secure hosting options support publication- or membership- specific branding to meet your needs.

Reach Your Readership

We can help you reach target audiences in the humanities and social sciences, including applied ethics (e.g. business ethics, environmental ethics, professional ethics), all fields that relate to philosophy, religious studies, semiotics, and other disciplines. We develop customized plans to present your publication, organization, or event in a creative, professional, and cost-effective manner.

With contact information and mailing lists for over 30,000 philosophers world-wide, we are uniquely positioned to help you reach the philosophical community with your publications or announcements. If we know who you are trying to reach and why, we can help you figure out the best way to do this at the least cost. Let us help you succeed!

More Information

Contact Susanne Mueller-Grote by phone (+01) 434-220-3300, by fax (+01) 434-220-3301, or by e-mail to smg [@]