What is the Philosophy Documentation Center?

The Philosophy Documentation Center (PDC) is a non-profit publisher and resource center that supports continuing work in core areas of the humanities and social sciences. Its mission is to help publish, preserve, and increase access to scholarly materials in these areas, with a primary focus on philosophy, applied ethics, and religious studies. It was established in 1966 at Bowling Green State University in Ohio to manage the production of specialized reference works in philosophy. Since then its activities have expanded to include the publication and distribution of scholarly journals, book series, conference proceedings, reference works, and other materials. It also provides a variety of membership and publishing services for professional associations in these fields. Available services include digitization of archival collections; digital workflow management; secure hosting; and support for both institutional and individual online access options. The PDC has been located in Charlottesville, Virginia since 2001.

More information about PDC is available on Wikipedia.