What is the difference between POIESIS and PDC’s E-Collection?

Our E-Collection offers a range of online access options for participating journals and series. We support both IP and username / password authentication for subscription-based access, as well as single document purchase. Access can be provided for libraries, individuals, and/or membership organizations, depending on the needs of each publication. We manage print subscriptipon options for some of these journals, others manage their own. Over 140 titles are currently available in the E-Collection. Post-cancellation access is provided for issues published during the subscription period.
Access to journal content through the E-Collection can replace a print subscription.

The POIESIS service was designed in the mid-1990’s to make journals available online to libraries without cost to the journals and without increasing journal subscription rates. In this arrangement libraries must have a subscription to POIESIS, in addition to a print subscription to each journal, to get online access to available issues. About 60 titles are available through POIESIS. This arrangement makes sense for the participating journals as long as libraries maintain print subscriptions. There is no post-cancellation access provision for POIESIS because access is provided in conjunction with print subscriptions.
Access to journal content through POIESIS cannot replace a print susbcription.

Most journals hosted by PDC offer online-only access options and are available through the E-Collection. Some journals still prefer the POIESIS arrangement and we can therefore only provide access under those terms.