Subscription Rates and Options

More publications with more access options for 2019

We provide online, print, and print + online access options. Available options vary from title to title. For example, some publications only offer online access to institutions, others only in conjunction with membership in a professional organization. All rates are in U.S. dollars.

2020 Pricing for Institutions / Agents

Includes title, frequency of publication, ISSNs/ISBN, institutional and agency pricing for available print, online, and print + online options. Information for online publications includes the range of coverage. New publications and changes of publisher are highlighted. Information for print publications includes the volume expected in 2020.

Most rates for 2020 remain unchanged.

The standard agency discount for single products is 5%.

E-Collection Title List

Includes title of each publication, ISSNs/ISBN, publication type, dates of publication, dates of coveage, languages of content, sponsoring organization, previous title (if any), and URLs for each publication’s home page, tables of contents, and fulltext content.

Information about new titles is added as it becomes available.

Bundle Options

ALL online access for institutions can be combined with PhilPapers, the premier research index in philosophy.
Since these are already discounted bundles, there is no agency discount.


Price discounts are available for multi-campus or consortia arrangements. The amount of discounts may vary depending on the titles selected. For more information contact Susanne Mueller-Grote at smg [@] or by phone at (+01) 434-220-3300.

The standard agency discount for single products is 5%.

Order Information

General information about payment options, order procedure, claims, and returns for all publications is available HERE.