Do you provide USER STATISTICS for institutions?

Do you provide USER STATISTICS for institutions?

Yes. We are working with Scholarly iQ and we are now using the latest COUNTER Release 5 (R5) standards, including support for the R5 SUSHI standards. To learn more please download the following documents:

Our new statistics portal was implemented at the and of 2018 and is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and compliant to the latest standards. We understand that it can take some time to become familiar with new reporting environments, so our portal provides a Help section in the top navigation bar along with a Help widget to guide you through reporting steps.

The new portal contains statistics starting December 2018 onward. Previous statistics still have to be ordered at feedback [at]

To access your institution’s user statistics you need your library’s admin credentials. Note that these may not be the same as those you used before. Please contact feedback [at] for further information.

Go to and switch accounts to log in with your admin ID.









Under YOUR ACCOUNT int the top menu bar you find then the link to the new user statistics portal.









This link leads you right into the overview page of your user statistics. Please not that statistics for a month will be available on the 15th of the following month.