The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion

Volume 1, 2009

A History of the Hebrew Monarchy; with Afterthoughts

Pages 237-270

Chapter VIII. From the Conquests of Jeroboam II. to the Fall of Samaria, B.C. 762-721

City of Nineveh.—New parties in Israel.—Disorganization of Israel.—Zechariah’s Prophecy.—League against Judæa.—Sufferings of Judah.—Isaiah encourages Ahaz.—Fall of Damascus.—Religious character of Ahaz.—Sargon and the Philistines.—First invasion of Shalmaneser.—Revolt of Judah and of Ephraim.—Final transplanting of Israel.—Anticipations of Isaiah and Micah.—Decline of prophecy in Israel.—Rough dates of certain prophecies.