The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion

Volume 1, 2009

A History of the Hebrew Monarchy; with Afterthoughts

Pages 203-233

Chapter VII. The Period of the House of Jehu, B.C. 864-762

Priests and Levites in Jerusalem.—Revolution conducted by Jehoiada.—Regency of Jehoiada.—Reigns of Jehu and his son.—Dispersion of Judah and Israel.— Repairs of the Temple.—Prophecy of Joel.—Peace is bought of Hazael.—Invasion of Idumæa.—Decline of Damascus.—Victorious career of Jeroboam II.—Internal state of Israel.—Prophecy of Amos.—Uzziah’s long prophecy.—Internal state of Judæa.—Genealogies of the High Priests.