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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 71, 2018

Russian Philosophy

Anna Kostikova
Pages 51-56

Философия в эпоху крушения империй

The problem of philosophical understanding of the status of society and the role of philosophy and intellectuals in it in the era of the empires’ collapses arose with special acuteness. The most vivid interpretations, not having its continuation, criticized by its contemporaries, recur in the history of the similar socio-political situation, having reproduced not only the model of philosophical argumentation, but also of its own social helplessness. An example in the history of philosophy can be Vekhi (“Landmarks” or “Signposts”) – Russian intellectual movement organized around the collection of seven essays published in 1909 and the so-called “new philosophy” in France and repeating them respectively in the new Russia, and now – in France, after the elections of 2012.

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