Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 71, 2018

Russian Philosophy

Ермишин Олег Тимофеевич
Pages 37-43

Проблема христианской цивилизации в философии русской эмиграции ХХ в. (В.В. Зеньковский, С.Л. Франк, И.А. Ильин)

The paper studies the philosophy of Russian diaspora of the twentieth century. We consider the works, which attempt to interpret the foundations and cultural unity of the European Christian civilization. V.V. Zenkovsky (1881-1962) in an untitled manuscript, written between 1920 and 1925, and published in 2011, analyses the history of European civilization, and searches for ways out of the large-scale European crisis. Zenkovsky assumed that it is possible to overcome the crisis through the construction of a harmonious, integral culture. Thus, he tried to develop systematically the fundamental principles of Christian civilization. We compare Zenkovsky’s manuscript with the work of other thinkers of Russian diaspora devoted to the principles of Christian civilization. Semyon L. Frank (1877-1950) in his book The Spiritual Foundations of Society (1930) and Ivan A. Ilyin (1883-1954) in his Foundations of Christian Culture (1937) examine the problems of Christian civilization in the context of social philosophy and philosophy of culture. The Russian philosophers try to interpret the spiritual crisis of European civilization and find ways to overcome its contradictions. Their ideas remain relevant and can still stimulate the philosophical discussions of our time.