Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 69, 2018

Political Philosophy

Аяжан Сагикызы
Pages 557-562

Гуманизм и политическая идеология: проблема пропорции

The traditional types of political theories, in their absolute form, lead to the reduction of human measure of politics, serving thus as a ground to ideologically totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. That is why the problem of the humanistic content of political ideology should be resolved in the context of analysis of complicated interrelations and inversions of the political discourse of the above paradigms. Politics should be defined as a way of collective self-determination of people in the process of their free interaction that is neither directed, nor controlled by any higher instance, which has the privilege of political domination. In this case, humanistic world outlook and political ideology are no more mutually exclusive, because humanistic values are direcctly and immediately involved in the execution of political functions.