Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 69, 2018

Political Philosophy

Матвиенко Ирина Геннадьевна
Pages 545-550

Место политической философии в современном политическом процессе

We discuss the place and role of political philosophy in the development of political sphere and the detection of points of interaction between analytical knowledge and political practice. This discussion is important because of the widespread growth of conflicts in the world, the increase of protests and the expansion of the ranks of opposition against authorities. All this demonstrates a conflict between values and the society, lack of correlation between different views on the definition of objectives as basis for political action and achievement of goals as universal policy capacity. In the absence of universal tools for determining the nature of the political mechanism and the use of the results as political argumentation, it seems necessary to search for channels of communicating expertise, possibilities of scientific examination of the political process, as well as the mechanism of legitimization of the agreements reached by the political theory and practice.