Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 69, 2018

Political Philosophy

Ганина Нина Сергеевна
Pages 539-544

Необходимость сокращения социального неравенства и возможность модернизации мировой экономической архитектуры

In this paper, we examine ways out of the global socio-economic crisis in order to achieve sustainable social development. The growth of the index of human development, including the freedom of choice of lifestyle, is considered to be a necessary condition for social progress. We study the contribution of international organizations in overcoming social inequalities inside the states and between the states. We investigate the financial possibilities of solving social and political problems. It is necessary to modernize the international financial architecture: a fair solution of the problem of the offshores. Offshore banks and offshore companies up to date enjoyed significant benefits and a more facilitated tax regime; now they can and must reimburse to the society the benefits granted to them by paying full taxes. This is a realistic way to reduce social inequalities, expand human freedom of choice and get out of the global crisis. In assessing the socio-economic role of the offshore companies, the views of politicians and experts worldwide seem to converge. The reform of international organizations – the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank – which was initiated in the end of the 2010s, can serve as a model for the modernization of offshore jurisdictions in the interest of creating fairer social and political relations; this will provide stability to the system, which has as its center the human interest.