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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 69, 2018

Political Philosophy

Nikita Garadzha
Pages 129-131

Political Philosophy as Knowledge and Political Action

The paper examines the problem of object determination of political philosophy in the context of scientific knowledge of politics and political practice. Political philosophy has special status among the variety of the humanities and social sciences that consider politics as their subject. Political philosophy in its specific is in value-oriented attitude of the researcher to the object of his interest. A possible result is the recognized social practice of such political action that is an action of a political philosopher. Value-oriented position of the political philosopher differs in essence from manipulation practice which subject acts for the purpose of private or group interests’ realization misleading concern of their true intentions. The aim of the political philosopher is political enlightenment. He is a scientist and a researcher of politics, speaking for truth, and a political actor, influencing politics, at the same time.

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