Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 68, 2018

Philosophy of Values

Marin Aiftincă
Pages 5-10

Personal and Common Values in Actuality

The present paper aims to approach the problem of relationship between personal values and common values, in connection to an ideal of humanity. We start from the thesis that the human being, essentially determined by spirit, identifies itself through a set of values freely appropriated on the ground of its own cultural tradition, cognition and aspirations. Personal and common values permanently diversify as a result of the development of knowledge and increasing spreading of information, as well as under the pressure of the changes produced in the historical-social environment. This process is accompanied by a conflict of values that explains the crisis of the contemporary culture. Finally, I consider that the person, as a human being, identifying itself through its own values. In this position, it has to be open to those common values that lead the mankind, such as: peace, freedom, justice, truth, beauty, good, equality, sacred etc. Preserving a balance between personal and common values, the universal culture must be led by the ideal of person’s self-improvement. The education and the norms derived from the personal and collective values have to be subordinated to achieving this ideal.