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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 61, 2018

Philosophy of Religion

Uen-fu Kuo
Pages 109-114

Whitehead on God and the World (as a Chinese Sees It)

This paper is intended to combine Whitehead’s three brilliant and splendid work: 1) Science and the Modern World, 2) Religion in the Making, 3) Process and Reality; an essay in cosmology. This is to show Whitehead’s insight with sympathetic understanding and reinterpretation in contrast to The Chinese View of Creative Creativity. “God and the World” is the title of the last chapter of Whitehead’s Process and Reality which indicates the relation between God and the world being the last issue with which Whitehead’s metaphysics tries to deal. God is of dipolar nature; the primordial and consequent nature of God is closely associated with eternal objects and the transient world respectively. As Whitehead maintains, it is as true to say that God is permanent and the world is fluent, as that the world is permanent and God is fluent. Whitehead envisages a harmonious and comprehensive relationship between God and the world such as to consume all kinds of apparent contradictions.

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