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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 61, 2018

Philosophy of Religion

Ivan Kaltchev
Pages 67-73

Religion – A Very Contradictory Phenomenon

In this research the problem of liberty is considered in the context of religion as I am searching for an answer of the question if religion is not the main reason for limitation of freedom? My research is based on the work of John S. Mill “On liberty”. An essential specification for this analysis is the fact that it will be mainly interested in Christianity and to rather less extent in the other religions. There are a great number of studies on the question about religion which are inevitably influenced by the historical time, events and public attitude. Tendencies of limitation of researches are noticed as well as periods of rapid advance of discussions and elaborations on similar issues. As a significant may be determined the event in which during the centuries of most rapid advance of the Christian church – for example the Middle Ages, the studies in the area of religiousness are highly limited, one might even say forbidden, as a form of heresy, under the threat of punishment. In present days when church has now weaker influence on social life, the discussion of issues of religious nature is not only within the church figures, but is also freely, regardless of the religious doctrines. This is also the reason to go to more radical concepts, inadmissible for the Christian doctrine.

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