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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 61, 2018

Philosophy of Religion

Timur R. Atabekov
Pages 19-24

Christian Ethics and Inter–ethnical Relations

This paper examines the impact and the special place of Christian ethics in inter-ethnical relations in society. The author shows that great importance to the proper understanding of the issue of inter-ethnic relations is an understanding and the presence of moral and ethical principles that are lost in modern society. Therefore, the paper shows how it is possible to maintain and develop a system of moral and ethical values through practical understanding and application of the principles of Christian ethics and true Christianity. Specifically, by sequential analysis of the two main commandments of Jesus Christ about sincere love to God and to neighbor, on which rests the whole basis of Christian ethics. Furthermore the author gave a short analysis of the influence of the spread of early Christianity, in the format of inter-ethnical relations at that time, and also the main points of Russian orthodox clergy in this matter.

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