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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 54, 2018

Philosophy of Law

Владимир Иванович Бурлаков
Pages 167-172

Философско-антропологические основания риска в пространстве правопорядка

This paper is an attempt to identify the foundations and sources of risk environment, describe the ontological, anthropological sources of risk in the sphere of Law. Definitions of forms of risk that occur in sphere of Law are introduced. On the basis of the conflict between order and self-organization (the ontological conflict) an attempt is made to suggest a brief philosophical definition of risk environment. The anthropological source of risk is described, the incompleteness of human nature, and the desire for recognition. The ontological system echoes the axiological characterization of Erich Fromm’s and V. B. Ustyantsev’s mode of existence.

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