Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 52, 2018

Philosophy of History

Tatiana Panfilova
Pages 51-54

The World-historical Subject as a Contemporary Problem

Globalization is contradictory: on the one hand it unites people, on the other atomizes them. Marx believed that the world-historical subject would be forming while producing the united world history. But now the world-historical process is dehumanized. People lose the quality of subject and become objects of manipulations especially via Internet. We deal with the elimination of subject. The situation is dangerous because there is no historical subject capable of coping with the ecological and technological problems. The way out of the situation is to build the basis of globalization again from the beginning. Ecological socialism is the real way out. We must think over the world-historical process in the humanistic way and provide the world history with the world-historical subject. Rejection of consumerism and restoration of subjectivity are the main measures.