Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 52, 2018

Philosophy of History

Gabriele Neves
Pages 47-50

Michel Foucault’s Contributions to the Philosophy of History

This study has the aim of approaching contributions of the philosopher Michel Foucault to the philosophy of history, providing interlocution between this author and the debate about philosophy as investigation and way of living. The basis for discussion is the idea of historical discontinuity, which is present in Foucault’s theorizations, where phenomena of rupture make possible to men to untie from linearity of historical determinism, and to build their existence for beyond aggregations, questioning themselves, and opposing themselves against the wefts of power in its social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions. It is an antagonistic vision to the closed model of immobile structures, of certainties and progressive or linear successions that see the present as a simple unfolding of the past, without taking into account the possibility of present and future being constituted as difference and not as repetition.