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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 51, 2018

Philosophy of Globalization

Anatoly Zelenkov
Pages 229-234

The Phenomenon of Globalization
Problems and Opportunities of Systemic Interpretation

One of the features of the present stage of social dynamics is the emphasis on integrated scenarios of global development, and focus on such features of modern economic and social life, as transnationalization, hybridization, and the synthesis of its cultural programs. These trends of world development most clearly manifest themselves in the phenomenon of globalization, which is often estimated as the most constructive and real program of contemporary social dynamics. However, globalization as an objective process and a theoretical construct is usually based on empirical generalizations of various social facts through methodology of phenomenalism. In this article, the author offers another methodological research strategy that allows for a comprehen-sive analysis of globalization through the categorial-methodological reconstruction of its essence and functional characteristics. While globalization is interpreted as a complex superposition of its following dimensions: economic, political, institutional, socio-anthropological and socio-cultural. This approach allows us to prove the thesis that without proper philosophical interpretation of globalization is not possible to reveal its real nature, not associated with the assertion the consumption values and ideology of consumerism, but with the ideals of individual freedom and civil society.

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