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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 48, 2018

Philosophy of Development

Михаил Иосифович Веллер
Pages 117-121

Социальное развитие как аспект энерго-эволюции Вселенной

Energo-evolutionism, as my theory is called, considers social evolution as a legitimate step in the evolution of the Universe. As a baseline level of examination of the problem is taken the aspect of thermodynamics, i.e. the evolution of the initial energy of the Big Bang. Energy and matter are assumed to be aggregate states of a single entity. The evolution of the Universe is the struc-turing of the initial energy in material systems of increasing complexity, with their subsequent decay and release of energy, followed by another structuring of simple systems into more complex ones. Moreover, this process is accelerated and finally tends to the binding the maximum of energy in the material structures and their subsequent decay and release of all their energy – that is, to the closure of the Genesis cycle and the start of a new cycle through a new Big Bang. The man is a significant link in this chain. He is a strongly non-equilibrium bio system, located today at the top of energo-evolution, that is in the process of ex-istence it consumes and emits per unit of its weight the maximum energy of its surrounding environment per unit of time. The evolution of the self-structuring societies aims at maximizing the energo-transformation of the environment.

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