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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 48, 2018

Philosophy of Development

Гезалов Ариз Авяз Оглы, Гамзаев Алигасан Алы Оглы
Pages 87-93

Интерпретация социокультурного процесса глобализации в свете инноваций

Three viewpoints can be distinguished in the literature about globalization: globalization began in the “dawn of history”; globalization is contemporary to “modernization” and the development of capitalism; globalization is a phenomenon of recent history related with “post-industrialism” and “postmodernism”. In our view, the second viewpoint enables us to talk about the formation of paradigms of the process which is denoted nowadays by the term globalization. This paper aims at interpretation of this complex and contradictory socio-cultural phenomenon in the light of innovations.

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