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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 47, 2018

Philosophy of Culture

Maret Betilmerzaeva
Pages 243-248

“Мера” как ментальный детерминант социокультурной эволюции бытия

The human being initiates determinability of being and non-being, violating integrity in this definability. One of the concepts that define the culture in the field of human relations is a “measure” which regulates and restricts both internal and external communication. The explication of the measures ratio as a philosophical category and the measure as a cultural phenomenon can understand the single nature of the human cognitive act. We observe a variety of forms of understanding of the universe, caused both by a variety of external world in its entirety, and the complexity and depth of the inner world of person. In this interaction of undivided in essence “two depths”, some third thing is born, namely, something that enriches the human being and improves the world; the language of cognition is born as ratio. Within the limits of our discourse, as an example proving the community of human beings, existential foundations of the reflection, I offer an explication of the concept of “culture” in Chechen language. The analysis of the concept reveals the depth of the latent determination in the culture of the nation, grounds of culture in general and shows that the basis of Chechen ethnos are the links that give birth to society. “Measure” is the determinant of transformation of masses to a cultural community.

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