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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 46, 2018

Philosophy of Communication and Information

Николай Зыков
Pages 89-94

Новый этап развития информационного общества

The concept of information society fully reflects a condition of the modern society. Deep social changes that took place in last decades are caused by development of information and communication technologies. Era of mobile communications has designated a new stage described by scope of broad masses of the population that have access to riches of knowledge. It creates precondition for steady development of society; it is one of recipes of growth of well-being. There is a question how to transform the access to infor-mation to the real increase of an educational level of the population. This can be done by methods of social advertising, expansion of availability of libraries and scientific establishments, forms of distant education. The mobile communications will allow smoothing an acuteness of the problem of the digital divide – backlog of a number of countries in development of information and communications technologies.

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