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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 43, 2018

Philosophy for Children

Ylva Backman
Pages 5-9

On the Combination of Film and Philosophical Dialogue

The educational method Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a combined thinking skills program and a democratic dialogic approach, implemented in approximately 50 countries and translated into about 20 languages. Lately, with P4C as a point of departure, the area of philosophical dialogue has extended into the inclusion of a range of contextualized methods with different starting points for the dialogues. In this paper, two arguments for having films as starting points for philosophical dialogues are presented: a) The argument from perspective taking, and b) The argument from emotional content and response. Briefly, the arguments state that films, through the perceptual input, offer the opportunity to take shared emotional content and an array of different perspectives as starting points in philosophical dialogue. These arguments are supported by warranted theses in contemporary film theory and empirical data from participants’ evaluations of philosophical dialogues during the PhilosoFilmFestival, a Swedish film festival with basic principles of P4C as a point of departure

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