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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 42, 2018

Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

James F. Perry
Pages 55-59
DOI: 10.5840/wcp23201842868

Philosophy in a Thousand Years

A thousand years from now, every child the world over will be taught that all human action and thought occurs at one or another of just three levels: random, routine, or reflective. This will be their human birthright: to learn that thought and action occurs without a plan (randomly), within a plan (routinely), or about a plan (reflectively). They will learn that the reflective level of thought and action is what people of earlier times called the Soul. They will all be taught the skills and vision needed to create their own futures and to share and negotiate them with others. They will live in a sustainable universal community composed of families, tribes, and other congregations of use and interest. They will spend their lives correcting their errors by creating and sharing new knowledge. They will dismiss as idolatrous adolescent fanaticism the worship of any routine or impulse. In this paper I suggest that recent research in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology will help us in our philosophical quest.

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