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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 35, 2018

Philosophical Traditions in Latin America

Rosario Valdivieso Drago
Pages 145-149

Invisibilidades [estéticas (contemporáneas) latinoamericanas]

Hidden under the banner of “Latin America”, several discourses resist the idea of there being a unity preceding them. The term, however, produces effects, and accordingly, questions about the tensions which articulate this surface challenge the notion of identity as an assumption: they demand consideration of Latin American aesthetics from our own blind-spot. From a literary-artistic perspective, it is not a matter of accounting for authenticity, but of specifying the procedures that arise from the crease. If what is visible entails an order according to the descent of the model, the potency of invisibility appears as simulacra, where the complex weave of the already-seen and the not-seen, of the absences that linger in memory, are produced syncretically. In the singularity of these weaves, or at the level of interferences of what has been seen and what has not, a deep disparity insists: Latin American contemporary aesthetics as the reversion of systems of what is visible to the perfect future of its mixtures.

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