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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 35, 2018

Philosophical Traditions in Latin America

María Beatriz Delpech
Pages 29-34

Philosophy in Spanish: An Identity Project

This paper emerges from the compared reading of two Spanish speaking philosophers, Reyes Mate and Enrique Dussel who, each in its own manner, believe that philosophy in Spanish is a non-achieved project, but one to be achieved. This involves not only thinking about the aim that is intended but also about its roots and origin. For both of them, thinking in Spanish requires an overcoming of a way of doing philosophy that, one way or the other, has neglected the project itself. “No one is the price of History.”1 With this phrase, Reyes Mate, a well-known Spanish Philosopher, summarizes the objective of his book entitled La herencia del olvido. I intend to take a look at the Hispanosphere and its Academia and its identity issues, trying the set a new perspective from which we may understand our present and interpret our past.

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