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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 30, 2018

Philosophical Hermeneutics

Rosa Pacheco Soto
Pages 109-114

The Steps of Hermes

Ones upon a time Hermes received a great gift from Zeus, namely the roads. Since then, Hermes provides roads to men, so that they can choose their path. Taking the first step is significant, because, at that time, contemplation appears, almost as an intuition, or, at least, as an instant. After that, man belongs to Hermeneutic, or is Hermeneutic. Hermes had had many tasks. He maintains the roads, but, at the same time, he brings along the words. He is a conciliator too. Like the wind, Hermes goes above the sea and earth as a messenger. Similarly, like Hermes, text brings the message, but in turn, saves something. There is a hermeneutic turn between an author, a reader and a text. The text is analogous to Hermes. It goes around the reader. Text is conciliatory. Reader’s lines proportionally grow as a desire implicit in the author’s written lines. Hermes mission still continues today. Interpretations maintain trails. But, sometimes, on the road, appears a spontaneous eruption that produces the crossroads between two intentions. This is a mystery that keeps the myth of Hermes alive.

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