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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 30, 2018

Philosophical Hermeneutics

Yury Shaev
Pages 51-54

Perceptive and Symbolic Components of Sense

Nowadays many types of ontology are losing their meaningfulness. On the one hand, this can be connected with the increasing keenness on various methodological syntheses with primary reference to transdisciplinarity. On the other hand, dissemination of hermeneutical and semiotic researches, their various modifications and alteration of many segments of humanitarian knowledge create conditions for constructing of new types of ontology, which will take into account all complication, meaningfulness and polymodal character of sign existence. An example can serve as a collision of methodological and ontological positions between ‘hermeneutics of sense’ (different versions and modifications of philosophical hermeneutics) and ‘aesthetics of presence’ (W. Welsh, М. Seel, H.U. Gumbrecht representatives of the so-called “newest aesthetics”).

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