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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 30, 2018

Philosophical Hermeneutics

Jing-Jong Luh
Pages 35-42

The New Way of Inquiry and Way of Life
Polegomena of Systemic Hermeneutics

A program of systemic hermeneutics shall investigate the universal ground-presuppositions, the basic elements, activities and structure, the systematical models and paradigms of hermeneutics, and then its applications in the intercultural philosophy for contemporary world. We shall start from the etymology of hermeneuein to explore the original relation between thinking and language, which can reach the test-understanding as the primary hermeneutic experience. This can be described in late Heidegger’s idea of truth as “Geschehen”, which could be represented in the “crossing”-dialectic of Hegel’s speculative logic. This ground-presupposition is able to disclose further, such as “person in context” and “text as medium or synthesis of spiritual and material dimensions. These avail to inquire the hermeneutic basic elements, like author-text-reader, the basic activities as understanding, interpretation, application, and the context of all these could be also performed with Hegel’s “relation”- dialectic. The understanding of classical text is especially the paradigm-model, because of its intellectual character of spiritual dialog. This event can also be signified through the Hegel’s “idea”-dialectic. Finally the practical methodic application-model for the intercultural philosophy would construe from this systemic hermeneutics as meta-theory.

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