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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 28, 2018

Philosophical Anthropology

Владимир Владимирович Михайлов
Pages 199-205

Является ли человек разумным существом?

By “reason” we define the ability for independent sustainable progressive development. Beings that possesses this ability, even if they have no knowledge or skill of something, can learn everything within some time. However, modern man, at least massively, does not possess this ability. That is why he is doomed to external control and permanent degradation, described in the myths about the Fall and the Yugas, that extend over whole centuries, from the golden age to the lean years. In our view, man is a being prone to various self-zonking (drug addictions) and senseless destructive activity, slavery and mechanistic behaviour according to prescribed programs (tradition, religion, laws, education, etc.). There are huge amounts of evidence supporting this. For instance, is it possible for a community of intelligent beings to have as the most profitable business, drug trafficking and arms trade for killing its own kind? A great abundance of similar questions can be raised. A pretentious definition of Homo sapiens appeared only in the New Times. Earlier, man was considered rational creature only potentially, which is proved by the phenomenon of Mowgli. Erasmus of Rotterdam considered insanity to be an attribute of man. In general, human insanity is one of the perennial themes of philosophy. The genealogy of man is also a dark question. Which really is? Who is the ancestor of man?

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