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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 27, 2018


Jorge Luis Quintana Montes
Pages 191-195

Heidegger: De Anima y el problema de la vida fáctica

The western philosophy has been nurture by the originary return that do the philosophical think from the present to the past`s philosophical reflection. This is: the western philosophy is aliment and just could develop because born and grow up from its self-history. Taking this premise like starting point, we have to say that the essential target of this essay is show the way how Martin Heidegger developed the philosophical question for the factual life, retunring to De Anima, returning to the Aristótle`s biological text. Accordingly, we will show here how the aristotelian notions of zoe and psiché were re-appropiated by the young Heidegger for comment the Husserl’s phenomenology and develop the ontological question about the Existence.

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