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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 27, 2018


Undi Gunawan, Bunga Yuridespita
Pages 49-54

The Narrative Possibilities on Reading Museum Architecture Case
Museum Fatahillah, Jakarta, Indonesia

This paper is an investigation of spatial-narrative possibilities on reading Museum Architecture. This paper is trying to point out that by investigating the museum’s poetic image through its architectural qualities, the spatial-narrative possibilities can emerge. The ongoing phenomenological tradition in architecture diverse in its directions, but yet the issue of poetic image and its narrative emergence become the ongoing issues. This paper is investigating poetic image of architectural space by its poetic image. Poetic spatial image consists of its formal image and material image. Architectural formal image is the conceptual aspect of its phenomena, while the material image is the physical qualities. The poetic image is occurring on its basic ‘archetypes’ of how the space is being embodied. There are three parts of embodied spatial experience. First, the poetic image is occurring when the body encounters the architectural elements. Second, the poetic image while the body moves spatially. And the third, the poetic image when the body is resting spatially.

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