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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 26, 2018


Carlos Alejandro Ordóñez Villegas
Pages 107-112

Teoría de relaciones

The origin of Being as a live concept is one of the most difficult questions in history of metaphysics and ontology. This work analyses the postulate that being is constructed by the interaction of terms. In fact, being and the idea of Being has come from the possibility of relations. It is known that metaphysics and ontology has overestimated think Being like something that never change, a substance unchangeable. Reduce Being as ousía, translated as substance, does not understand central affirmation of Aristotle that “The term “being” is used in various senses, but with reference to one central idea and one definite characteristic, and not as merely a common epithet.” (Met. 1003a 33). The usually interpretation of relations make them one of those ways, however the concept of Being is always under a relation. Is reconsidered the role of relations in the basis of ontological thinking, taking the renewal of metaphysics, of the French philosopher Jean Wahl, and postulating that Being as totality is the relation that involves beings, Change and Time.