Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 22, 2018


Anatoliy Kosichenko
Pages 141-146

Philosophy and the Philosopher in the Modern World

Today, philosophy has lost its importance as “guide of humanity”. Why has it happen? Firstly, because the philosophy, as well as philosopher has changed the essence of philosophy - being “science” about wisdom, being wisdom, to live in accordance with the demands of wisdom. Philosopher cannot be an immoral, but, today he is obviously immoral, he is a same consumer of material benefits as every other human. To demand moral behavior from philosopher, today, is ridiculous: philosopher is dissolved in being that has lost its meaning. What to do in this case? It seems, one should return to intelligent life, especially, when any other attempt to live (to live out of sense, out of creation, out of comprehension) lead neither to success, nor to happiness, nor to the hope of meeting with. Moral - conscience – meaning of life are inseparable unity, a human in order to be a human being should join in himself these determinacies of being, otherwise – crash of human and humanity is inevitable. Today, the task set before the philosophy is to return its high importance, before philosopher is to recover the moral content of his service – these are the purpose and meaning of the present philosophy.