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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 21, 2018

Medieval Philosophy

Jason Mark Costanzo
Pages 11-15

Being, Goodness and the Relation of Desirability

Within the following paper I attempt to offer a preliminary analysis and a sketch of the foundations of the scholastic notion of the convertibility of Being and the good from the perspective of its roots within Aristotle and, in particular, in relation to the view expressed within the first book of the Nichomachean Ethics (see, i.1), that the good is that of which all things desire. The paper thus initiates with a brief examination of the scholastic notion of the relation of convertibility, and in particular, that expressed by Aquinas. There the relation is clearly recognized to find its roots within Aristotle’s notion of the good as above stated. Following analysis of this statement, I turn to consideration of the structure of desire. There three senses are identified, the third of which is found to correspond to Aristotle’s expression. From this, being and the good are shown to be reciprocally expressed.

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