Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 14, 2018

History of Philosophy

Adel Ivanova, Valentin Pukhlikov
Pages 267-274

Исторические судьбы диалектики как метода философствования о мире и человеке

The history of philosophy is, in a certain sense, the history of development of dialectics as a method of building the system of ontology and epistemology. Dialectics appeared in Ancient Greece as a result of the attempts of philosophers to express the changeability and movement of the world in the system of concepts. Socrates’s dialectics becomes a consciously applied method of searching for the truth in philosophy. This method gets developed in Plato’s philosophy, where the dialectics is expressed in a system of contradictory assertions which are both true and both false. This concept of the dialectics was solidified in Kant’s philosophy by fixing the system of antinomies in the sphere of pure reason. Hegel made an attempt to convert the dialectics into a necessary element of the scientific proof. Later this attempt was developed to the logical limit in the philosophy of Marx and Engels. This concept of the dialectics was criticized in the works of Russian philosophers I. Il’yin and S. Frank.