Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 14, 2018

History of Philosophy

Ekaterina Zbrozhek
Pages 199-203

The Topicality of Hegel in Zizek’s Philosophy

As a rule, any philosopher begins the intellectual activity with criticism of previous tradition or its reconsideration. Nevertheless he always has figures which are reference points of his own reasoning. For Zizek’s philosophy of one of such figures is Hegel. But it is not Hegel of ordinary perception. Zizek addresses to Hegel through Kozhev and Lakan. He is not orthodox Hegelian. Zizek takes some important concepts from Hegel, seeming him an actual for a modern philosophical context. They are concepts of distinction, totality, recoverability and negativity. How Zizek uses these concepts in his own philosophical reflection we tried to show in the article.