Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 12, 2018


Muhiddinjon Teshabaev
Pages 413-417

Нравственная культура личности в образовательном процессе в аспекте гуманистического мировоззрения

In modern conditions of the being globalized world more often speech comes about preservation of traditional culture and the personality mor-al level increase. In this aspect formation of moral culture of the personality is closely connected with humanistic outlook and its stability. Harmony of moral and humanity undoubtedly conducts to formation of the original person with strongly pronounced feelings of patriotism, good, justice and moral purity. Communication between moral culture of the personality and humanistic out-look is obvious. The humanistic outlook as the generalized system of views, belief, ideals in which the person expresses the relation to the surrounding him natural and social environment, is under construction round one center – the Person. If the humanity is a basis of system of certain views on the world, the person appears a backbone factor, a kernel of humanistic outlook. Important condition of humanity education is the organization of collective educational, socially useful activity, especially such its types where pupils are put in a situa-tion of direct manifestation of care of others, assistance and support, protection younger, weak. Thus, formation of moral culture of the personality begins with the early childhood and is fixed in the course of training and education.