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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 11, 2018

Environmental Philosophy

Anastasia Samanta
Pages 129-134

The Political Implications of Ecology

The discussion about ecology is at the center of moral and political philosophy. The limits imposed due to shortage of natural resources as a result of their overexploitation, lead to the need for outlining the political practices and moral criteria that can lead to a new sustainable social place, organized from scratch. In the light of this environmental crisis the social-political crisis is revealed. The prosperity promised by the continuous commercialized growth, besides the fact that challenges the planet’s given limits, has also resulted in political decadence and humanitarian crisis. It is a priority to design new ways to fulfill people’s needs and make good of their capabilities. Organizing this new reality demands a number of reforms which will pertain to every aspect of social life, redefining standards and visions, determining the limits of our needs and the means for their satisfaction. Destroying the planet and the human race can neither be conceived nor resolved as a physical-scientific procedure. It is only through moral and political choices that salvation plans are not to be reduced to financial decisions but are based primarily on the moderate and fair use and distribution of material means of life for the present and future generations.

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