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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 10, 2018

Contemporary Philosophy

Роида Рзаева
Pages 265-269

Мультикультурализм в постмодернистском контексте

Today, multiculturalism is characterized as an ideology, a poli-cy, as well as a discourse, which makes the multiculturalist agenda to spread and become real. At the same time, multiculturalism, as a type of discourse, can be identified in several different discourses. One of them is the post-modern discourse. The phenomenon of postmodernism is currently in the focus of philosophical interest, primarily because it is seen as a characteristic philo-sophical type in modern culture. One of its most common features is that multiculturalism reflects the cultural situation of the postmodern. The postmodern era extends the meaning of multiculturalism.

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